An Article About Women's Porn

This page discusses the growth of women's erotica

A look at Free Porn for Women on the Internet

Porn for women used to be a difficult thing to find - free porn for women even more so. A few years back I sat down to write an article about what online porn was available for women - and almost didn't have a story.

In the course of my research, I encountered the many thousands of mainstream porn sites that catered to men. As usual, they featured closeups of hardcore sex, and anal sex, and plenty of bizarre pictures featuring women looking right at the camera. It seemed that no-one knew where the clitoris was. There were few pics of good looking men, since mainstream porn focuses on beautiful women having sex with "average men". More upsetting was the typically misogynist atmosphere of these sites. Women are always sluts and bitches who need a good fucking. I found the shots of cum-covered faces ("facials") particularly upsetting, as these pics focused purely on the power situation of a man degrading a woman. And let's not even begin to talk about the thousands of teen-oriented sites.

As a straight woman looking for porn, it was all fairly depressing.

Then I found one, and then another women's erotica site... and I discovered that - if you look hard enough - there's actually quite a lot of women's porn out there. Some are small sites created by women at home in front of their PCs, others are major extravaganzas run by major adult companies... but there's plenty to be had.

As it turns out, women LOVE porn. They're starting to flock to it in droves. But they like it to be different from mainstream stuff. They want sites that celebrate sex, that feature foreplay, kissing, cuddling and afterglow, they want to see couples looking into each other's eyes. They want romance. On top of that, they like a sense of community. This is why so many women's erotica sites feature chat rooms and advice columns. On top of that, they want to be informed. So women's sex sites often feature articles on interesting issues, like masturbation, first losing one's virginity, hen's nights, and more.

Adult webmistresses have been busy setting up free porn sites which offer small numbers of free pics. The majority offer free photos of naked straight men, sometimes with erect penises. Some have couples shots that unashamedly feature eye contact, while others are composed mainly of erotic fiction and sex stories. The numbers of these freesites are steadily growing, and there are currently well over a hundred free sites for women. Most offer serious views of sex, however humour does pop up occasionally. Grandma Scrotum's Sex Tips is an example of a free site that's happy to look at sex with a smile and a gleam in the eye. Grandma Scrotum offers her own brand of sex advice, which includes "If you're going to play sex games, don't run with scissors!"  Clearly, adult sites can be creative, as well as arousing.

Indeed, this is why women's porno is so important. It's a force for social change. Since we'll never get rid of pornography, women's erotica offers the chance to change it, to lift it out of the misogynist gutter and turn it into a celebration of real sex, of real people, and of real relationships. Porn can be redeemed!

No doubt about it, free pornography for women is on the rise, and women should be pleased! 

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